Saturday, October 24, 2009


I have been hearing about the issue of Egyptian archeologist Zahi Hawass wanting the statue of Nefertiti from Berlin, Germany. The issue is that there isn't proof that it was taken legally from Egypt. It is believed that when the archaeologist discovered it he was given permission to bring it to Germany. When Egyptians don't get the artifacts back they cut off excavation from the offending place. Like the Louve in France. The issue here is that if we were to give every museum everything back that was taken 100's of years ago they wouldn't be nearly as interesting. If for example, everything in the Walters was given back to their countries of origin and all we could see are American works it wouldn't be nearly as interesting. I feel like it's immature to ask for everything back when it has been in the place it is at for an extremely long time. In the past Egypt has bidded on this object in better Economic times. I suppose that is the problem. They want it back and can't afford it. I just don't think it's fair if someone bidded on it in the first place to ask for it back. Even if it was stolen in the first place. We should all be realistic about the past and the present.

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