Monday, October 19, 2009

BBC News

New planets have been discovered outside of our solar system. Some 5x the size of Jupiter! This is really exciting because scientists have discovered over 400 planets outside our solar system. A large number of them are low density. Out of those, 28 are similar to the Earth's mass. I have always been fascinated with other planets having life on them. The Moons of Jupiter are really interesting and one has a very high chance of fostering life. So much so that it is illegal to land on it. What would extraterrestrials look like? I wonder if life could survive on a planet that is made out of dangerous gasses. What if we all don't evolve the same way? These are questions that go through my mind. Even Mars has water even though it is either gas or frozen. I am excited about astronomy and I imagine it will be a great day when we discover new life in the universe because I strongly believe in it.

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