Friday, September 4, 2009

Social Issues

I was at work tonight and was very bored. I decided to use this time to compile a list of possible social issues I could use for the Geurilla Tactics. Here is my list, hopefully I can give you guys some ideas. I plan to edit this post and add my ideas for each topic that I'm interested in. I may also try and group some of these together.

1. Hunting or Leather and Fur
a.) Print pictures of animal corpse and put it in leather or fur product at a store, so that when someone buys it they will open it up and see what the real cost of the bag was.
b.) Make an illustration of a reverse situation(Ex. Human head mounted on wall) and post it in a hunting area.
2. Road Rage
3. Smoking
a.) Create a fake advertisement that after 100 cartons you can get a free voicebox.
4. Drinking or Drinking and Driving
a.) People are laughing at you, not with you on poster with a drunk person that was written on while he was passed out at a party.
5. Little girls acting like sluts (Hannah Montanna)
a.) Print a gorilla face and put it on Bratz dolls. (idea taken from class discussion)
6. Sexism (No fat chicks)
a.) Create a "No fat dicks" shirt.
7. Financial Equality
8. Political differences
9. Healthcare
10. Sex (Young pregnancy)
11. Divorce
12. Racism
13. Littering
14. Recycling
15. Over reacting (Swine Flu)
16. Economy (Gas prices)
17. Violence
18. Censorship
19. Parenting
20. Bullying

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