Friday, September 4, 2009

Aid in Dying

I find this to be a really interesting issue. If you were suffering and were critically ill, is it okay for a Docter to help you kill yourself? In Montana their is a strong case going on. Robert Baxter, a 76-year-old lymphocytic leukemia sufferer asked for aid in killing himself because he was in severe pain. He has already passed away, but his case is being used to push for the legalization of assisting death. This brings me to the issue of when someone is in a coma and they will never wake up again. Is it okay to take away life support? I think the answer is yes, if someone is going to die anyway or if they are brain dead I think they should be allowed to decide. If they can't decide a close family member should be able to know what they would have wanted. In my case I think that if I was suffering or if I was pretty much dead anyway I would want to have assistance in killing myself.

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